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Time to Teach

Time to Teach is a classroom management system designed to eliminate low-level discipline problems and to raise dramatically achievement scores on state-wide tests.  

I am a veteran English teacher, having taught in the Broward County Public Schools for a total of 45 years.  Those years included sixth, seventh, and eighth grade gifted and regular English classes; ninth through twelfth grade regular, honors, gifted classes, and Advanced Placement English Language and Composition.    I have also taught Basic, ENC 110l, ENC1102, and two different courses in American literature at Broward College.  Currently, I am an instructor at Keiser University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL campus: Basic English, Composition 1, and Composition 2.

A published author, I have three books and a myriad of publishing credits in children's magazines, local periodicals, etc.

My passion is teaching; my philosophy, simple:

I am

Language and Literature

And the spark that ignites

The love of learning.

--Vivian Corll--


To schedule a training, contact me at viviancorll@timetoteach.com. 


 For additional information, go to www.timetoteach.com



In a 1- 2-day workshop you will learn

How to

arrange your classroom for optimal performance

teach-to behaviorial expectations

respond to low-level misbehaviors

refocus (R) miscreant without interrupting class instruction and without sending him/her to the principal

avoid the unbearable limit

keep learning environment positive and nurturing

respond to a high level, major event challenge from a student

fit Time to Teach into your school program

return to the joy of teaching




B.A. in English, Stetson University, DeLand, FL

M.A. in English, Ohio University, Athens, OH

Ph.D. in education, Capella University, Minneapolis, MN

Ed.S. in progress, Curriculum Design and Technology, Keiser University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Certified Trainer, Time to Teach, Center for Teacher Excellence




The Scholar's Code of Ethics


The student has integrity:

  • 1. Refuses all forms of cheating, i.e. cheating on tests, copying homework, plagiarizing, etc.
  • 2. Documents all sources using an approved style (i.e. MLA, APA, etc.).
  • 3. Refuses to allow anyone to copy from or to plagiarize from his/her own work, yet shows willingness to help other students who need it.
  • 4. Demonstrates respect for the rights of every person, regardless of ability, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual preference.
  • 5. Values integrity in his/her own person and in that of others.
  • 6. Realizes that students and teachers are on a common quest for knowledge and shows respect to the leader of the journey.

The student has a work ethic:

  • 1. Determines the authenticity of sources, including Internet sites and print media, and evaluates the credentials of their authors.
  • 2. Attends class, recognizing that while work might be made up, the instruction cannot.
  • 3. Reads and completes all assignments and comes to class prepared to contribute substantively to the learning community.

The student has intellectual curiosity:

  • 1. Nurtures an open mind: seeks, understands, and considers alternative viewpoints from cultures, religions, politics, and philosophies different from his/her own.
  • 2. Seeks the challenge of new learning and demonstrates the willingness to authenticate it through the lens of his/her own experience.
  • 3. Demonstrates motivation and initiative, taking responsibility for his/her own learning.


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